8-5 Now

Yesterday I started my new job at Siquis, an advertising agency in Mt. Washington.  Gone are the days of staying up ridiculously late on weeknights, sleeping in, and walking around in my underwear.  I guess this is the real world!  I talked for so long about how I wanted nothing more than to get out of the grocery store job I had for the last 4 years and get a 9-5 job behind a desk and now that it’s finally here…I love it!  No more standing behind a counter and submitting to angry, rude, and irritated customers because their lunch meat isn’t cut thin enough.  No more dealing with the back-stabbing and gossiping of employees who not only hate their jobs, but each other as well.  If you are reading this and are working at a grocery store or are thinking about working at one, I implore you to reconcider!  Save yourself the stress and anger and just walk away.

But now I’m past all of that because my office at my new job is a generously large cubicle with two windows (one overlooking a large chimney with a Starbuck logo on it), a comfortable swivel chair, and an inflatable beach ball.  Not to mention it’s upstairs with only a handful of other people so its quiet!  All I can say is that the Lord is kind!  Now my lunch break is over and I’ve got to get back to work.  Cheers!


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