8-5 Now

Yesterday I started my new job at Siquis, an advertising agency in Mt. Washington.  Gone are the days of staying up ridiculously late on weeknights, sleeping in, and walking around in my underwear.  I guess this is the real world!  I talked for so long about how I wanted nothing more than to get out of the grocery store job I had for the last 4 years and get a 9-5 job behind a desk and now that it’s finally here…I love it!  No more standing behind a counter and submitting to angry, rude, and irritated customers because their lunch meat isn’t cut thin enough.  No more dealing with the back-stabbing and gossiping of employees who not only hate their jobs, but each other as well.  If you are reading this and are working at a grocery store or are thinking about working at one, I implore you to reconcider!  Save yourself the stress and anger and just walk away.

But now I’m past all of that because my office at my new job is a generously large cubicle with two windows (one overlooking a large chimney with a Starbuck logo on it), a comfortable swivel chair, and an inflatable beach ball.  Not to mention it’s upstairs with only a handful of other people so its quiet!  All I can say is that the Lord is kind!  Now my lunch break is over and I’ve got to get back to work.  Cheers!


Christian Body Art

This past weekend was Youth Advance, the lovely early March youth conference at church.  The topic of this year’s conference was “Reborn”, referring to the rebirth that comes through faith in Christ.  Each attendee and staff member received this neat removable tattoo in the shape of the conference logo which is a heart with the words “YA 2011 Reborn” inscribed in the chambers of the heart.  I was intrigued by this idea and it has lead me to research Christian tattoos.  For most of my life I have not been a fan of tattoos just because I didn’t like the idea of having something permanently drawn on your skin.  What happens when you are 65 and your skin gets wrinkly and saggy and the tattoo looks horrible?  What if you got something tattooed on you when you’re young that you regret as a mature adult?  Or if you meet a woman who doesn’t like tattoos???  But a couple of my friends, including my ex-girlfriend, have tattoos that are very aesthetic and discrete and over the last few years I have to admit I’ve sort of become a fan.  After becoming a Christian I didn’t really think that Christians shouldn’t get tattoos because God hates them, rather I saw them as an art form through which Christians can visually display their faith.  A friend of mine was saved in 2008 and shortly after his conversion had a simple black cross tattooed on the back of his forearm just above his wrist.  My ex-girlfriend has a Jesus fish on the side of her right foot and the Latin phrase “Sovereign grace” on the top of her other foot.  I know some people don’t like tattoos because our bodies are a temple of the Holy Spirit and tattoos are mostly meant to represent pagan ideas and values.  But since there is no mention in the Bible about tattoos, I believe we are at liberty to do such to our bodies as glorifies God and not causing us or others to sin.  Especially after Youth Advance, I am more attracted to tattoos than ever before, Christian ones that is.  I have never seriously considered getting one before, but now I am actually toying with the idea.  I have no idea what or where I would get one but I like to search the internet for the best looking ones for ideas.  Here are some of my favorites.

"Jesus Saves" battle-clad Jesus defeating Satan









not of this world

"For I bear on my body the marks of Jesus"

gotta love Becks' neck cross

Your civic duty

I hope and pray that all the banter you read on this site does not fall on deaf ears.  Jesus Christ calls us to be doers of the Word, not just hearers.  The call to putting faith to practice is especially important when biblical and political issues coincide. Americans have to privilege to inform legislation and government’s role in our lives.  As the battle for defining marriage heats up those who are Christ’s slaves of righteousness have a unique and special privilege of being the voice of God in these dark days.  The next 18 months will be crucial in the history of the state of Maryland and it is my prayer that the Christians of this state would take up the battle standard of Christ and make their voices known to the masses of depraved citizens and lawmakers alike.

A good way to make your voice heard is to write to your local Representative or Senator and let them know your position on the definition of marriage.  Feel free to approve of their actions or rebuke them depending on your views.  They’re adults, they can handle a firm rebuking.  As citizens who elect legislators we have to right and the responsibility to criticize our leaders when necessary.  You may not hear back from your legislator for a while, or at all but someone does read all the mail they receive and it does get logged to develop where their constituents stand on certain issues.  Attending public forums when available is always a good idea too.  That way you have a captive audience of not only your lawmaker but members of the community as well.

Whichever way you choose to make your voice heard, and I pray that you do, do it with dedication and zeal.  Remember that you are serving Jesus Christ, the sovereign ruler of the universe who holds all leaders accountable for the choices they make.  That is all for today.  God bless.

Autumn is cool now!

For 21 years of my life the season of autumn was always bittersweet.  It was sweet because autumn is football season and I have a ridiculously strong emotional connection to the Ravens.  For me the fall season really begins in early September when week 1 of the NFL season starts; it ushers in a new season of passionately laughing and crying over the Ravens.  The glory of the gridiron at M&T Bank Stadium is a wellspring of joy or depression every Sunday.  Perhaps there are some sin issues I need to deal with regarding my attachment and idolatry of the Ravens, but not now, I’m writing a blog now so I can’t worry about that!  Maybe God’s Spirit will convict me of that one day, but it is now today.  I also love the weather of the fall!  The temperatures are cool and the beauty of nature is wonderful to behold!  The glory of God in nature is clearly evident when the leaves begin to change color.  But autumn was always bitter because of the ever-looming presence of the beginning of the school year. School was always the bearer of bad news in my life during this time of year.  It was a real autumn party foul to have to go back to school during such a wonderful time of year and prevent me from fully enjoying the otherwise awesomeness of autumn!

But this year is different.  I’m done with school so there is no bitter taste in my mouth anymore!  I didn’t have to worry about giving up my freedom of the summer to go back to school this year and now I am free from the tyranny of professors and homework and ridiculous three hour night classes!  The beauty of the fall is mine to behold in full and I plan to take advantage of that this year!  Part of that will involve studying the Creator God who causes the beauty of the fall months.  I hope to use these upcoming months to love my Savior more and to search for career opportunities.  I also hope to train myself in spiritual disciplines such as study of the Word and journalling.  Most of all I pray that this season would be fruitful in my service of God’s kingdom and witness of Jesus Christ.


So I’ve been wondering why I haven’t wrote a blog in almost 9 months and I just now figured it out………i went on hiatus!  I just now figured it out, but I forgot to officially announce it.  I should have known better a put out a press release or something lol.  I write press releases at work too!  But I guess this is me coming out of hiatus and getting back on a regular schedule (somewhat) again.  And now that the semester is pretty much over I can devote more time to things like this.  I don’t really have much more to say besides this so I’ll call it a day now.  Walk in love as Christ loved us!

“The wise decision is living life as a Christian, to live and die in submission to His disciple’s commission and, that’s why I’m praying I’ll never deny His name.  Im’a rep Him if I’m in pain or I’m threatened, to die is gain.”–Steven the Levite