“Misguided Christian Outrage”

I just stumbled across this article while browsing the Resurgence website a minute ago and thought I’d pass it along to you readers.  I was specifically thinking of the attitude Christians take when dealing with political issues, such as gay marriage, school prayer, or whatever moral or ethical issues we generally get upset over.  This article by Russell Moore is short but thought-provoking.



This is scary

In my research, I came across an article from Newsweek from 2008.  It’s a little old, but the ideas it contains are still fresh.  I was deeply disturbed reading it because it suggests that the Bible actually supports same-sex marriage and that the Biblical literalists have been getting it wrong the whole time!  I would suggest that you read it to get a sense of, if you oppose same-sex marriage because of the claims of the Bible, what you’re up against.


So much to say

This is going to be short because it is not possible for me to contain everything I want to say in a blog, or a news article for that matter.  If you’ve been following the news in Maryland the last couple days you’ve no doubt heard that the state Senate has been debating on the “Religious Freedom and Civil Marriage Protection Bill”, now called just the “Civil Marriage Protection Bill”.  The bill, if passed, will legalize same sex marriage in the state of Maryland and afford to gay couples the same legal rights as heterosexual couples.  I’m currently doing a little research and will be back with more, much, much more hopefully later on today.  Stay tuned!