I think I have officially turned a page in my life.  Following this past weekend’s slate of divisional playoffs I saw my two top teams, Ravens and Patriots, crash out of the tournament.  I am left with the two teams I loathe more than any other, Steelers and Jets.  Arch-rivals Pittsburgh have had the supreme beating of the Ravens for the last 3 years and it’s pretty discouraging being a Ravens fan after a second loss to Pittsburgh in the playoffs in three years.  As much as I hate them (which is a lot), I think deep down there is some kind of respect form them because they’re so good and have sustained high quality football for decades.  But being division rivals you have to hate them on principle.  The way I see it is sort of like Darth Vader turning good at the end of Return of the Jedi.  It took Anakin Skywalker getting humiliated by being beat by his own son in a lightsaber duel.  Only after his humiliation in front of the Emperor and loosing his hand as a result did Anakin see the futility of his ways.  He had compassion on Luke while watching him be tortured by the Emperor and decided to throw the Emperor down a bottomless pit.  Then at the end of his life, Anakin repented of his Sith-ness.  I’ve watched my team get humiliated by the Steelers again and now I’m forced to concede that they are a damn good football team.

But now the unthinkable has happened!  Since the Jets are the Steelers’ next opponent in the AFC Championship game, my loyalties have been turned completely upside down!  I am going to support the team in the black and gold!  Not because I’m suddenly a fan of the team from Pittsburgh, but because the Steelers and I have a common enemy…Mark Sanchez and the Jets.  I could rant on about how much I hate that team, but I’ll limit it to the fact that Sanchez is an average at best quarterback and the only reason that team is any good is because of its defense.  Now you won’t sooner see me wearing a Troy Pololulu or Hiney Hole Ward jersey this weekend than Rex Ryan wearing flip-flops in public, but I will make my support for them known.  Hate me if you want.