Wise words from Master Yoda

“The fear of loss is a pathway to the dark side.  Attachment leads to jealousy, the shadow of greed that is…train yourself to let go of everything you fear to loose”

Those words spoken by Yoda a long time ago can relate to many things in life.  I am choosing to apply them to money today.  Money is something we all love for various reasons and purposes.  But God tells us to be free from the love of money.  Why?  How?  That is why the sermon series we are in at church is so helpful!  Hopefully these questions will be answered and God will change the hearts of hundreds of people!

How often do we need the reminder to be free of the love of money?  A lot!  I must say thank you to Pastor Don for bringing us the Word as it relates to loving money and all of its repercussions.  Being a college grad without a full-time job, money is something that is scarce and in high demand.  Thankfully my living expenses aren’t too high right now since I still live at home for next to nothing in terms of rent.  However, my part-time job at the grocery store is barely cutting it to pay my monthly expenses and I have pretty much no opportunity to save anything.  This causes me to be anxious about my future, my immediate future because it’s sometimes uncertain if I’ll be able to pay for my car insurance and monthly payments but God is always gracious and generous with me and provides for my needs whether its extra hours at work or extra time to pay the bill.  God has been faithful so far yet I still find myself stressing out at the end of the month.  I have a desire to make more money, not necessarily to get rich and accumulate a vast amount of possessions, but to be secure in my finances and to live comfortably.

I believe God is using this period of low income to teach my faithfulness and good stewardship.  I’m always reminded of the verse when Jesus says to the disciples that the poor woman who gave one denarii was more faithful than the rich man who gave 10% of his income because she was faithful with her extremely small wealth, while the rich man felt generous when he only gave a small portion of his large income.  Jesus also promises us that if we are faithful with a little we will also be faithful with a large amount.  Likewise, if we are unfaithful with a little, we will be unfaithful with a large amount.  I think the reason I get anxious when the bills are due is because I love my money too much.  I don’t like letting go of it because it makes me feel secure.  I also fear debt.  Since I operate on such a small budget I fear the concept of loans and debt because you add to the amount of money you must fork over each month.  God has definitely been at work in my heart to cure this lack of trust in His provision for my finances.  Since graduation almost a year ago I’ve been slowly but surely learning little lessons on trusting in God like becoming more faithful with tithing, not out of necessity, but out of a genuinely generous heart.

Realizing that money is a gift from God that we are to use wisely and generously has been a huge step for me in the last couple months and especially since we started the Money series at church.  By God’s grace I hope to arrive at a place where I am free from loving money and fearing not having enough so that my trust in God is greater and my security is in Him and His salvation, not little pieces of paper.