A Violation Against Nature

If you’ve read any of the posts on this blog over the past year and a half you have probably noticed that I love the Bible.  I put my hope in its words and trust it completely for salvation, instruction, wisdom, and happiness.  In the Bible lies the most important and greatest story ever told.  It is a the story of a God who is holy, perfect, loving, and good who creates the universe and people who rebel and turn their backs on him; and God, being a loving and good god has compassion and mercy on them and makes a way for people to be brought back to him to be his children for eternity.  In the Bible is ancient history, prophecy, wisdom, poetry, gospel, and personal letters.  Anything that humans can every imagine has its source in the Bible and the wisdom contained therein, given by God.

There are a great many things that humans do that violate the laws and character of God as revealed in the Bible, some seem trivial to us such as coveting our neighbors possession, being greedy, lying, and etc…because as we say all the time, “everyone does it”, or “I’m just human”.  However, there are some things which humans do that are far beyond trivial and harmless that cross into a whole new category of wickedness that violates the very laws of nature itself.  These would include murder, rape, and sexual sin such as homosexuality, incest, bestiality, and other perversions.  It grieves me to know that we live in a world that is slowly becoming desensitized to some of these egregious sins.  If you’ve read the news or read my blog in the last week, you know I’m talking about homosexuality, specifically the proposed marriage of such individuals.

For this one, however, I’m going to put my Bible down and talk about this issue from a straight secular point of view.  The proposed legislation in the Maryland House of Representatives aiming to redefine marriage as the union of two qualified partners instead of one man and one woman is going to destroy our society as a whole.  Since the beginning of time, and I mean ALL TIME; whether you believe in an old Earth thats 1.8 billion years old or whatever, or young Earth, it doesn’t matter; the family has been the solid core on which human society has begun, survived, and will continue on.  A family where a man and a woman join lives in love, or not if arranged by parents, has single-handedly been responsible for the prosperity of human civilization since the dawn of our species.  The reason for the union of a man and a woman joining lives is to love the other as themselves and reproduction.  Procreation is what our civilization hinges on in every generation.  If humans don’t reproduce, civilization fails.  All of man’s knowledge and advances are meaningless if we don’t reproduce because we all die.  Population dwindles if a civilization stops reproducing.  If I seem forward with the next sentence, I’m not sorry!  Homosexual couples can’t reproduce!  Their bodies just aren’t compatible for sexual reproduction.  It’s like two magnets when you place North and North together how they repel but when you put North and South together they attract!  Male and female are different but a part of a whole and are meant to come together and attract.  If your mind goes into the proverbial gutter after reading that then I’m glad.  That’s the point!  Sex is natural between a man and a woman.  Sex is not natural between a two men or two women.  To be frank, the parts just don’t fit.  Now I know that lots of gay couples like to adopt, but if we allow every gay couple to get married and adopt, there will slowly but surely be less and less children to adopt because of the rise of the acceptance of homosexuality in our culture and the decrease of the fear of “coming out”.

Aside from reproduction, the family is the vessel by which humanity has used to pass on values and build strong character within among the members of the family.  Families with a mother and a father who love each other and their kids has always been the ideal way to ensure that children are taught the basics of human life such as values, morals, and other life lessons.  Countless studies have shown that children from families where there were committed parents (mother and father) are less likely to be involved in crime, do better in school, be more successful in their careers, and more.  On the other hand, children from families with just one parent, either mother or father, have been shown to have poorer morals and values and are more likely to incline towards crime and poverty.  If those results are so opposite when you take away just one parent imagine what would happen if you have two parents of the same sex.  Two men fathering boys could cause them to treat women improperly and gravitate towards male dominance and sexual crime.  Two women mothering boys could cause them to be way too feminine and have trust problems and disrespect for authority.  Summarily, same-sex parents are more likely to raise children with social problems and cultural deficiencies.

To summarize everything, families lead by same-sex parents are a bad idea for two reasons:

  1. The parts don’t fit.  Reproduction is not possible and society hinges upon natural reproduction.
  2. Same-sex parents tend to raise children with social deficiencies.  Values and morals fail to be passed on, boys won’t respect women, girls won’t trust men, and sexual crime will become more common.

This is a very important issue facing the citizens of Maryland.  With the bill expected to pass the House of Representatives by the end of the week, we have about 18 months before it will be a ballot initiative in 2012.  I urge you to figure out where you stand on this issue, make an informed decision, and let your voice be heard on Election Day 2012.  You know where I stand on this issue and I hope that you consider the points made although they are neither academically astute nor very intellectual.