The Pride Test

From Mark Driscoll’s sermon on Luke 14:7-11 on the Parable of the Wedding Feast:

  1. Do you long for a lot of attention?
  2. Do you become jealous or critical of people who succeed?
  3. Do you always have to win?
  4. Do you have a pattern of lying?
  5. Do you have a hard time acknowledging you were wrong?
  6. Do you have a lot of conflicts with other people?
  7. Do you cut in line at the store, freeway, airport, etc…?
  8. Do you get upset when other people don’t honor your achievements?
  9. Do you tend more toward an attitude of entitlement or thankfulness?
  10. Do you honestly feel you are a good person and superior to others?

Each question you answered “Yes” to is 1 point.

If you scored 1-10 points, you are proud.

If you scored 0 points, you are very proud!

Pride is the opposite of humility.  We either start with pride and end with humiliation or we start with humility and end with exaltation.

The remedy for pride is Jesus.  Jesus was the most humble person to ever live and we can learn so much from His life to change the way we live ours.