Your civic duty

I hope and pray that all the banter you read on this site does not fall on deaf ears.  Jesus Christ calls us to be doers of the Word, not just hearers.  The call to putting faith to practice is especially important when biblical and political issues coincide. Americans have to privilege to inform legislation and government’s role in our lives.  As the battle for defining marriage heats up those who are Christ’s slaves of righteousness have a unique and special privilege of being the voice of God in these dark days.  The next 18 months will be crucial in the history of the state of Maryland and it is my prayer that the Christians of this state would take up the battle standard of Christ and make their voices known to the masses of depraved citizens and lawmakers alike.

A good way to make your voice heard is to write to your local Representative or Senator and let them know your position on the definition of marriage.  Feel free to approve of their actions or rebuke them depending on your views.  They’re adults, they can handle a firm rebuking.  As citizens who elect legislators we have to right and the responsibility to criticize our leaders when necessary.  You may not hear back from your legislator for a while, or at all but someone does read all the mail they receive and it does get logged to develop where their constituents stand on certain issues.  Attending public forums when available is always a good idea too.  That way you have a captive audience of not only your lawmaker but members of the community as well.

Whichever way you choose to make your voice heard, and I pray that you do, do it with dedication and zeal.  Remember that you are serving Jesus Christ, the sovereign ruler of the universe who holds all leaders accountable for the choices they make.  That is all for today.  God bless.