“‘Ask what thou wilt, and it shall be given thee’, said Herod to the daughter of Herodias.  Well, you are liberal in spending treasures upon your lusts; and believe it, God will spend treasures of wrath to punish you for your lusts.  It had been a thousand times better for you if you had never had an estate, that you had begged your bread from door to door, than to have such a sad reckoning as you shall shortly have for it.” — Flavel on Lust 20-21

Sin promises a lot of things that are lies.  If you ever want a clear depiction of what sin really promises but will never tell you, think about this quote.  The consequences of sin is death in the physical body and death in the spiritual state as well.  The Bible says that on the Day of the LORD the when Jesus Christ is revealed from heaven and comes to judge the world the wicked will cry out for the mountains to fall on them to hide them from the horror of their impending wrath.  God will punish all sin and it will be better for sinners to have never been born than to be faced with the terror of the LORD on judgement day.  But praise be to God that we know a Name!  A name that promises that if we call on Him in faith we will be saved from that horrible holocaust.  Jesus Christ is our savior for all who believe on Him and believe that He took our sins away and bore the punishment for them on the cross.  Even the most wicked sins are forgiven through the cross because “with God all things are possible”!