Faith that acts

Today I was watching First and Ten on ESPN and they had an interview with San Fransisco 49er’s running back Glen Coffee who, after just one year in the NFL, announced his retirement from the game.  The first impression I had was, “man this guy must really suck at football to quit after his first year!”, but I couldn’t be further from the truth!  Turns out Coffee was giving up football, all the fame, money, and personal benefits that come with it, to pursue the call of ministry that God had placed on his heart.  He did well in his interview to state why he was walking away from the game saying that he had felt God calling him to change directions since he had been in college.  Coffee left college early to enter the NFL draft and played as a backup RB for the 49er’s.  But his faith in God’s call on his life and his passion for ministry led him to make a very tough decision.  His boldness and the fact that he was not afraid of sharing his passion on national television.  I believe he glorified God through his interview and it was great to see a young man who could just as easily been seduced by the worldly snares of football, give it all up to serve his savior Jesus Christ!  I’m trying to find a video of the ESPN interview but no success yet.  If I find it I will definitely post it.  Grace and peace.