Through the Wormhole

Since we got Verizon FiOS almost a month ago now I’ve since found a new favorite TV show.  Through the Wormhole with Morgan Freeman is the most mind-blowing show on TV!  Since I was in kindergarten I’ve been fascinated by what lies beyond the rocky planet we live on.  What else exists in the seemingly bleak and empty universe?  How can we as humans explore and discover what’s out there, how it works, and what it all means are all some of the questions that Through the Wormhole attempts to answer.  The show is narrated by Morgan Freeman and hosts a wide variety of scientific questions and the scientists working to solve them.

It has always been my belief that science always points to God and the proof of divine authorship in all of creation.  The common belief since the Enlightenment during the 15th century in Italy was that science debunked the possibility of an all-powerful, all-knowing God who created everything.  People like Galileo Galilei proposed theories so radical about the view of the universe that the Roman Catholic church condemned them as heretics.  Since then, science has been thought of as opposed to God.  Even though Galileo was a believer in God and a Catholic himself, the fact that he thought that the Sun, rather than Earth was the center of the universe was enough to separate science from God as if God and science were separate and opposed like God and Satan.

But we’ve come a long way since Enlightenment Italy.  In the last 40 years scientists have discovered ways to detect the presence of new forces in the universe that are believed to contributed to the creation of the universe.  An invisible form of matter called Dark Matter played an intricate role in the formation of galaxies from the initial point of creation.  Without Dark Matter the gasses that formed galaxies and stars wouldn’t have been bound together and the universe would have just been ripped apart.  The apparent symmetry and balance points to a super-intelligent or divine attribute to it.  It has been said that God fills in the cracks in our knowledge and now those cracks are getting smaller.  However, we are fallen, sinful being who have abandoned the perfect fellowship with God long ago and we are separated from an intimate knowledge of God.  So as finite humans trying to fathom the infinite mind of God, we require faith to fill the gaps until the day when science ultimately proves the existence of God or until we finally meet God and all is revealed to us.  Science is nothing more than a tool given to us by God to learn and explore the fearfully and wonderfully made universe.  Eventually, science will point to God but until that day, if it ever comes, we must rely on what God has revealed to us and take it on faith and not try to puff ourselves up with knowledge claiming to know the truth.  Only God knows the full truth and to claim we know the truth is to call ourselves gods.  We our mere finite beings created in God’s image, designed to reflect His attributes and glorify Him through our intelligence, free will, and our minds.

Whatever science says about God, we should have faith that the two are not opposed, but working together to reveal God to us and to cause us to better marvel at God and to love Him.  As Psalm 19:1 says, “The heavens declare the glory of God, and the sky above proclaims His handiwork”.  God is beautiful and the works of His hands are beautiful.  God is complex and the universe is complex.  We can’t fully understand God just from reading the Bible and neither can we understand our universe fully from using science.  But wherever science takes us, I believe that God will take us on an unimaginably beautiful and wonderful journey into His own mind that causes us to love Him all the more.


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