Sergio Ramos

I saw this a few minutes ago and nearly died laughing!  If you don’t follow soccer, the Copa del Rey is a Spanish football tournament that in Spanish means “the King’s Cup”.  It is a tournament in which teams from both Spanish leagues compete in knockout style matches over the course of the season.  Approximately 40 teams compete in the Copa del Rey and winning the tournament is a HUGE deal in Spain.  The 2011 Copa del Rey final was held a yesterday or the day before (forget!) and Real Madrid were this year’s victors after a completely un-Real Madridlike trophy drought.  It is customary for the tournament winners to celebrate with a trophy parade through their city on a tour bus while displaying the trophy for all the fans to see.  The trophy itself is like a little silver idol to the players and fans alike and they go absolutely bonkers over the trophy.

The reason why I laughed hysterically is because Sergio Ramos, Real Madrid’s left-back is hoisting the trophy…then drops it!  Not only does he drop it, it falls underneath the bus and gets crunched!  It’s like the football gods are not only mocking Madrid but also saying “Screw you guys!”  It’s hilarious because the newscasters who are covering the parade get so concerned about the trophy when it gets dropped!  You can clearly detect worry for the trophy’s safety when the bus rolls over it even though their speaking Spanish.  So I’ll stop talking and let you watch it!


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