Not to Be Served, But to Serve

Matthew 20:28: “The Son of Man came  not to be served, but to serve and give His life as a ransom for many.

“So great and wonderful was the work that Jesus had to do for the sinner, that nothing less was necessary than that He should give Himself to do that work.  So great and wonderful was the love of Jesus towards us, that He actually gave Himself for us and to us.  So great and wonderful is the surrender of Jesus, that all that same thing for which He gave Himself can actually and completely come to pass in us.  For Jesus, the Holy, the Almighty, has taken upon Himself to do it:  He gave Himself for us…

…And now the one thing that is necessary is that we should rightly understand and firmly believe this His surrender for us. ..When I receive Him, when I believe that He gave Himself to do this for me, I shall certainly experience it.  I shall be purified through Him, shall be held fast as His possession, and be filled with zeal and joy to work for Him.”

Andrew Murray


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