Lecrae Concert

This past Friday I went with a bunch of friends to a concert at a church in Lancaster, PA that was the final act of a missions conference.  The artists performing were Reily and Lecare, which I was really excited for!  I have seen a bunch of Christian rap artists live but I have never seen Lecrae and he is definitely one of my favorite artists.  Besides the music being awesome (and the DJ!), the messages he shared between songs were equally great.  It’s awesome how these Christian rappers have such a passion for the Lord and have such a great knowledge of Scripture because they pour hours of study of the Word when they write their rhymes.  Their devotion to their faith is always so evident when they pour out their souls into their music and it causes myself and others to be drawn deeper into love and appreciation for Jesus as well.

But it is always a struggle during concerts to not fall into the trap of idolizing the performer and elevating them to a position of importance higher than the God they’re singing about.  The rhymes and music point to Jesus, not to the artist.  I like taking pictures and movies of the concert so that I’ll remember it in the future, but it’s sometimes a battle to want to take a picture of the guy on stage so that I can make him my god and worship him instead of Jesus.  I trust that they have a right attitude while on stage to not want people to worship themselves, but fall back and point to Christ, but sometimes the people in the crowd forget that.  That’s why stopping the music every now and then and reflecting on the message of the music is always so helpful.  It helps to deter the temptation to make it all about the music or the performer, and to keep the focus on the One who really deserves all the attention.

That being said, I really enjoyed the concert and appreciate what Lecrae does with his musical talent and how he serves God with it.  I would upload a short video I took of the concert, but unless I’m an idiot I don’t think WordPress can upload .MOV files from iPhones…oh well.


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