Just wrote this in about 20 minutes so we’ll see how this turns out:  😀

All my life I’ve been searchin’ for love/Not just to love, but to be hugged/Running for the love of the world/Tryna get me paper, fame, car, and girls/I was just a drop in the bucket/I see the fruit of life and I would pluck it/But my arm was too short to touch it/Running in circles I was in a straight-jacket/Though I had pain I would try to mask it/Living for pleasure only got me so far/I would fold my hands and wish on a star/No luck, the star came back the next day/This was so futile, why do I pray?/Raised up in the church I thought I was perfect/Didn’t know my problem was what I worshiped/Then I met the perfect One, the source of all pleasure/Jesus, Himself is the one and only treasure!


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