The power of rap

Since becoming a Christian three years ago I’ve been deeply affected by Christian music of all genres.  But the genre that has had the greatest impact on my life has been rap.  I was never really into rap before my conversion.  Like everyone else in my high school and college I knew the most popular songs and could appreciate them for their lyricism and production skill, which probably comes from my musical education and appreciation for musicians in general.  But after my conversion I was introduced by my friend Dan to Christian rap from a CD he gave me of his favorite tracks (big ups to Dan on that one!).  I was instantly hooked by not only the track production, but by each emcee’s passion for putting the Word of God into rap form to reach young people, especially those in the city.  They do such a great job of redeeming a genre that has always been used to openly oppose the advancement of the gospel.  In many ways, each song is a mini sermon as each emcee is conveying a specific message about Jesus and the gospel.  The genre has always been criticized for lack of quality in production, for being outdated and unable to match the quality of their secular counterparts.  But this has changed and can no longer be said of Christian rap.  Over the past three years I’ve been able to follow the careers of several emcees and it’s been amazing to see how they’ve grown as artists, not only lyrically, but musically as well.  Recently released Christian albums have made their way to #5 on the secular charts!  Lecrae’s “Rehab” album is a prime example of this phenomenon.  The genre has really grown a lot in the past three years and it is clearly evident that God is using it to influence people’s lives and lead them to Christ!  In short, Christian rap has had a great and profound influence on my life and I am extremely grateful to God that I was exposed to it!  I’ve recently taken up my pen and begun to write my own content.  I don’t think it’s very good but I am proud of it nonetheless.  So far I’m only writing lyrics because I don’t know enough about music production to make tracks, but I’m learning, albeit slowly.  Here’s one verse I just finished writing a minute ago.  Even if it never gets put to a track it is still inspiring to me and helps me in my daily walk with Christ and the process spurs me on to godliness and a greater love for my Savior!  Leave a comment if you have any thoughts or suggestions!  Grace and peace!

Life in a fallen world ‘aint easy, but it’s very easy for me to get queasy in a world that’s sleazy & wants to tease me/Believe me I walk each day tryin’ not to slip, I know my team but sometimes I wanna flip/All the things that I used to do would ravage my body like a bad flu/I was sick from my sin, Achoo! until I met the Great Physician, You/Sin had me dead on site, death was my mortician ’til I learned there was a resurrection/Upon Your volition You cured my condition, gave me salvation, granted conviction, sanctification, & glorification!/Now I walk in the steps of Christ my example.  If life is a constitution new birth is the preamble/The journey doesn’t end, there’s a battle to be fought.  The only way to win is the way that Christ taught/Call upon God in your moment of weakness.  He will deliver you & you will certainly defeat this!/

*If you want to hear the beat I was writing to go to and search for “All 4 You”