When God gives you a detour

I remember about 5 months ago I was so excited about beginning my career with Aflac because I was pumped up about the potential to make a lot of money.  But now that I’ve got more than 3 months of working under my belt I’m not so sure that I’m quite cut-out to work in this business.  I don’t think it really fits my personality, and I’m fine with that because I feel like God has potentially opened up a big door for me.  God awoke in me a desire about a week ago to use my college degree in a ministry capacity to serve the church of Jesus Christ.  I found a job opening at Mars Hill Church in Seattle for a Marketing Campaign Manager and I feel that God lead me to that position and I’ve been working on getting my resume ready and I plan on applying early next week.  It’s totally insane how this has come up so quickly over the last week and I’m trying to discern if this really is God’s will.  I’ve been a fan of Mark Driscoll’s ministry at Mars Hill for a while and I love his preaching and the mission of his church.  I have been seeking the Lord over the past week to make sure that my desire to apply to this job is in alignment with His desire for my life.  I’m definitely prepared to make the changes in my life if I did get the job.  I definitely need prayer though, to help me to seek God’s plan for my life because this is a major life-changing decision!


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