Radical love

Jesus said in Luke 6:32, “But if you love those who love you, what credit is that to you?  For even sinners love those who love them.”  The difference between human love and divine love is so incredible that it’s hard for us to fathom how to love people divinely.  It is so contrary to our nature to love those who act wickedly towards us because our love has conditions attached to it.  In order for us to love someone we have to see them as worthy of our love.   This usually requires them to be nice, gracious, or merciful to us, or we might like their personality, ect…The point is, in order for us to love someone, they must act, think, or behave favorably toward us first.  We are so fickle about who we choose to love and not love that we forget Jesus’ words in this passage that we ought to love everyone, even those who don’t love us.  Forget the conditionals upon which we base our love, which by the way is here today and gone tomorrow, and start to love people the way God loves people.  If God based His love on similar conditions that require us to act or think affectionately towards Him God would love absolutely no one  on the planet.  That, however, is not the case because we have verses in the Bible that tell us things about God such as “God is love” (among other things).  The love that Jesus speaks about in Luke 6 is love for all men and women as fellow image-bearers of God and love that softens their hearts to show them the Gospel.  Regardless of how people treat us and say of us we are called to replicate God’s love to our fellow humans.  Every human who is lost is exactly where we were before God grabbed a hold of us and we need to help them see the light of the Gospel by showing them God’s love the same way we were shown God’s love and won over our hearts.  The love of God is radical in human terms and needs to be spread by His ambassadors on this planet.  Our lost brothers and sisters are in desperate need of experiencing God’s radical love to save their souls.  I pray that the Holy Spirit would strengthen you to be a herald of God’s love and the Gospel to the multitude of lost souls out there.  Preach the Word!


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