Lecrae- Dream

New single from Lecrae’s upcoming album



So I’m officially in love with the song from Trip Lee’s new album called “The Invasion (Hero) Remix!  If you haven’t gotten your hands on a copy of this CD I would strongly recommend that you do!  This song in specific if my favorite.  Not just because the track is off the wall, the lyrics are totally banging!  The song presents Jesus in a light that I’m sure not many people think of Him everyday, as our Hero.  The word hero usually makes us think of a guy in a tight spandex outfit who can fly or has super powers like Batman or Superman.  They are acutely aware of the needs of others and use their special powers to save people from dangerous situations and receive praise from the city for their heroic acts.  It is very easy to see Jesus fulfilling this role in our lives as well, minus the spandex outfit lol.

If you think about it, Jesus is the ultimate hero.  Jesus saw us in our sin and came to our rescue because He loves us.  He saw us drowning in the boiling flames of hell’s ocean, we were hanging on by a plank of wood barely keeping us afloat.  We were inches away from the teeth that are gnashing and the flame that is never extinguished.  But right before we were submerged and lost forever He came down from heaven and swooped low into the flames and pulled us out by the hand.

While human heroes are motivated by service to others and society, or even fame, Jesus is motivated by love and a passion for His Father’s glory to be spread throughout the universe!  He loves us by rescuing us so that we can have eternal access to the Father, which is the best gift any sinful human can ever receive!  Christ paid a great price for our rescue, it cost Him His life.  Eternal, immortal, God, He couldn’t die, yet He wanted to die for us.  So He wrapped Himself in a body of flesh and took upon Himself the punishment that our sins deserved.  This ultimate display of divine love is shown only in the cross where God’s rescue mission is completed.  And one day He will come back to lead us all to heaven where we will forever praise Him for His glory, love, mercy, justice, and holiness.

Jesus is the hero of heroes!  Listen to the lyrics of the hook in the song:

“Like a G5 yeah You rushed to rescue me/took the cross in exchange for a throne to save me/You began a work and I know You’ll finish and make all things right when You come back/Cuz you’re my hero, already saved the day/Cuz you’re my hero and I know you’re coming back for me!”

I’ll close with the last little section of words from the song:

“I once was lost, You came and found me/Gave me Your life now Your grace surrounds me/There is no greater love than that which is found in Jesus!/Oh precious is that flow that makes me white as snow!”

Do you appreciate the Holy Spirit?

Let me just begin by saying how thankful I am for the sermon series we are in at church!  I’m really enjoying the series on the Holy Spirit.  It’s remarkable how much I didn’t know about this particular member of the Trinity.  The Holy Spirit is definitely overlooked in my life and, I might venture to guess many Christian’s lives as well.  The Holy Spirit is amazing because He does so much of the work that leads to our salvation.  He is the one whom makes us aware of our sins and leads us to repentance and gives us faith.  The Spirit opens our eyes to our spiritual deadness and causes us to cry out for a savior.  Once that Jesus has been revealed (by the Spirit’s gift of faith), the Spirit then regenerates our dead heart and gives us a new heart that is alive and sensitive to God.  From that point on, this person is considered a Christian.  But no it doesn’t stop there for the Holy Spirit.  His work is just beginning!

From the first work of salvation the Spirit then comes to reside in us and makes His dwelling in us as we participate in the life of the body of Christ on Earth.  By the power of the Holy Spirit we are able to resist sin, live holy lives, and continue walking in the path of righteousness commanded by the Lord Jesus.  The Spirit is always encouraging us with God’s grace and love even when we have lost sight of Him or are struggling against a certain sin.  Long story short, the Holy Spirit is the visible manifestation of God in our lives!  We call it “fruit”, the ways that the Spirit works in us.  What it also is, is visible proof that God rules over our lives and that He loves us and that we live to serve Him and His kingdom.  That is why Jesus was called “Immanuel”, because it literally means “God with us”.  God is surely with us through the presence of His Holy Spirit.  Though the Father and Son are enthroned in heaven, the Spirit humbly lives among us every day to strengthen, encourage, and exhort us to live for God’s glory, which is the ultimate purpose of mankind.

I could get into the specific ways in which the Holy Spirit works in our lives such as the gifts He gives to us, but that would be more of a book than a blog entry :0.  But that’s just a brief little blurb of the work of the Spirit and I hope that if you read this you would be thankful of the work of the Spirit in your life as well.  The Holy Spirit is equally God just as the Father and the Son are and yet so many times we don’t give Him the praise that He’s due.  May we all recognize the amazing work of the Holy Spirit in our lives today and give God (Father, Son, & Holy Spirit) all the glory for the awesome gift of salvation and forgiveness!

coffee, bagels, prophecy, and LeBron James

Ah, I remembered that I have a blog again! lol.  I gotta stop taking three month breaks without announcing it first.  But anyway, that’s over and today is July 9, 2010.  I’m starting the day off right with two cups of coffee and a bagel.  Working from home is the shiznatt!  I know it’s going to be tough to stay focused and concentrated at home but it’s definitely a  lot better than driving to Severna Park or Marriottsville every day.  That’s the beauty of Aflac, you work for yourself and you make your own schedule.  But of course common sense comes in to play, if I don’t work, I make less money.  So working hard is definitely important, especially when I’m just getting my business off the ground.  But enough of that.

Last night was the first night of my 416 class.  I’m taking the “No greater love” class with Pastor Matt.  The class is focusing on the love of God towards us.  As P. Matt so truthfully said last night, “The love of God is the least doubted attribute of God, but it is also the least understood.”  I find that true in my life too because since I was a kid in Sunday school I’ve been told that God loves me and all the red, black, yellow, green, and white people (affirmative action much?).  But WHY?  Why does God love me and all these other crazy people?  Since becoming a Christian, I’ve learned that all people are incredibly wicked and sinful.  If God is so irreproachably holy and must punish sinners, than how on His good green earth can He possible love anyone of us?  Again, P. Matt wisely answered that question, “God loves us to glorify His Name, for His Name’s sake.”  The Westminster Confession of Faith says the following about man, “The chief end of man is to glorify God and enjoy Him forever” (just ask John Piper to expound on that a little).  The whole universe’s existence is to glorify God and magnify His Name.  Humans are not created to make much of each other, but to make much of God who created them.  The whole of creation is meant to give glory to God and magnify His Name.  So following suit, God loves us because He is saying something marvelous about Himself that He wants us to remember so we can glorify Him and magnify His Name.

I’m sure you’ve heard it said that “God loves you just the way you are”.  Well that’s not exactly true.  God hates sin and thus He hates sinners.  While the previous quote usually has good intentions, what it really should read is, “God loves you better than you are!”  God knows that you’re a wicked sinner who consciously rebells against Him everyday, but He sent His own Son to die and atone for your sins in order that you might experientially know the love He has for you, so that you will glorify Him and magnify His Name.  The answer to the question of WHY?, is BECAUSE God is so passionate about His own glory that He gives to us His most prized and precious gift, Himself, so that we might know that He is God and understand all of His attributes and understand the pleasure of the worship of a good and holy god.  It’s all about giving God the glory that He is due!

Now I’ll put my two cents in on the latest news in the sports world.  LeBron James is now a member of the Miami Heat.  Let me just be the first, or maybe the 1,849,562,359,000th , to say that the Heat will NOT win the NBA championship this year!  The Washington Wizards will!  John Wall…that is all.  And also, the Netherlands will beat Spain in the World Cup final on Sunday.  What does a stupid octopus know anyway?!