marriage feast

The parables that Jesus told really summarize the gospel message. I was reading the parable of the marriage feast today from Matthew 22:1-14 and this is easily my favorite one. In this parable, there is a king who invites his subjects to a marriage feast he is throwing for his son. But the people invited don’t accept the invitation and torture and kill the king’s servants who deliver the invitations. This is a stunning depiction of our attitude towards God before the gospel is given to us. We were hostile to God and didn’t want anything to do with Him. We were content to live our lives ignoring Him and living in constant defiance of His Word and Laws. So what does the king do when he finds his servants have been killed? He has the villages burned to repay their murder.

God’s wrath for sin is not far away. He will eventually repay all humanity for the sins they have lived in for so long. None will be left on the day when God brings His wrath against the world. Just as in the days of Noah, there will be no escaping the flood.

The only good news is that there is an ark! An escape route has been given to us so that we don’t have to face God’s wrath for sin. Our ark is Jesus of Nazareth. In the parable, the king needs new guests so he sends his servants out to invite all they meet on the road and in the fields. When they show up, they’re all wearing wedding garments.

Our wedding garments are the righteous robes of Jesus that He wore while on earth which He has given to us out of love. Without His robe of righteousness we cannot hope to gain access to God’s kingdom. The love of God to give up His own righteousness and give it to us who are most unworthy is so great I can’t even begin to fathom the depth of it! Thank you Lord Jesus for giving up Your life and Your righteousness You earned on earth for our sakes! All I can do in response is praise You!


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