The Game is In US!

If you haven’t heard already, the United States has put in a bid to be the host country of either the 2018 or 2022 World Cup!  Whether you’re a soccer novice or a total fußball addict, you can’t deny that if the World Cup was held in America it would be a hugely successful event and it would be great for our country and our local cities!  The Official U.S. Bid Committee has selected 18 cities as potential sites for matches and Baltimore has been one of the final 18!

Baltimore would be an ideal place to host matches during the World Cup because the game of soccer is rooted in our culture!  Some of you might be tempted to think, “But Tim, hardly anyone plays soccer here in Maryland!”.  To that I would remind you that pretty much every boy and girl plays rec soccer virtually until at least middle school.  Then something happens in their brains that tells them to stop playing and switch to baseball football or lacrosse, or cheerleading…But the game is deeply entrenched in our DNA as humans!  Baltimore has been home to several successful soccer franchises such as the Baltimore Bays and the Baltimore Blast and Crystal Palace FC.  This past summer Baltimore had the privilege of hosting a World Football Challenge match between Chelsea FC and AC Milan at M&T Bank Stadium which drew a sell out crowd of over 71,000 fans!  I had the privilege of being at that match and I can tell you that the atmosphere was electric all night and that something special was happening among the fans and that the love of the Beautiful Game was being stirred afresh in everyone’s minds!  Another fun-fact, in 1973 the Baltimore Bays hosted the Brazil National Team which was captained by Edison Arantes do Nascimento (also known as Pele).

So the moral of the story is show your support for the Beautiful Game and your hometown and sign this petition to have Baltimore, MD selected as a host city if the U.S. is awarded the 2018/2022 World Cup!  If you’re not a soccer fan, at least sign it for Baltimore!  Help Baltimore be a part of history as the United States fights to host the 2018/2022 FIFA World Cup!

The Official Bidding Committee will submit our application for hosting in May and FIFA’s decision will be made in December.  So in the meantime, watch and pray that we would be blessed as a city to host such a monumental event as the World Cup!  Spread the word to all your friends, family, distant relations, people you’ve met once, pets, local law enforcement, grocery store clerks, your mailman, and your barber!  They all need to know this wonderful news!

Please show your support by signing the petition on the official USA Bid website at!


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