So I’ve been wondering why I haven’t wrote a blog in almost 9 months and I just now figured it out………i went on hiatus!  I just now figured it out, but I forgot to officially announce it.  I should have known better a put out a press release or something lol.  I write press releases at work too!  But I guess this is me coming out of hiatus and getting back on a regular schedule (somewhat) again.  And now that the semester is pretty much over I can devote more time to things like this.  I don’t really have much more to say besides this so I’ll call it a day now.  Walk in love as Christ loved us!

“The wise decision is living life as a Christian, to live and die in submission to His disciple’s commission and, that’s why I’m praying I’ll never deny His name.  Im’a rep Him if I’m in pain or I’m threatened, to die is gain.”–Steven the Levite


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