a pleasing aroma

I read something in my devotions today that I had never really considered before.  I had heard about it from sermons and other people before but never really thought it through all the way.  As Christians, we are image-bearers of God and we are supposed to represent God’s nature to the world.  God takes much joy and is glorified when we act like He does.  It pleases Him to see us reflecting His qualities to others.  Our lives, as people who have been bought by theofferings-articleprecious blood of Christ, are meant to be a pleasing aroma to the LORD.  Just as in the Old Testament, the temple and the sacrifices made there were a pleasing aroma to the LORD (Lev. 1:9), we are also to make sacrifices and offerings of our own.  Not sacrifices and offerings of goats, bulls, and rams, but of our own lives.  Of course we’re not supposed to slaughter ourselves for the glory of the LORD, but God is pleased when we choose Him over other things in our lives.  When we decide to open the Bible instead of turning on the TV, or journalling instead of getting on facebook.  God loves to see us make sacrifices, mainly of our time.  When we do the things God calls us to do, He is pleased.  And when we make God and Christ look more valuable than things of the world, He is pleased.

One thing I really struggle with is how I spend my free time.  Most of the time I do not glorify God with it.  I spend my free time advancing my own personal desires and interests.  I would rather play video games and watch TV than work on homework or study God’s word.  The first thing that needs to change is my heart towards these things.  I have to realize that my time is not my own since I have been bought with the blood of Christ and knowing this truth will hopefully cause me to be less selfish with my time.  I believe that God is just as pleased when I even choose to do homework over watching TV because I am choosing to spend my time wisely instead of wasting my life as John Piper would put it.  I pray that God would grant me a new heart towards being about His kingdom and not my own purposes and leisurely activities.  I want my life to be pleasing to God in all aspects, which includes my free time and the choices I make.  God’s timing in revealing this to me is nothing but perfect because it’s that time of the semester when all of my projects and assignments are due and it really is crunch time.  Every semester at this time I find myself needing to make adjustments to how and when I work, so God, once again, has reminded me of this and convicted me of how I’ve been living all semester in folly and laziness.  As rapper Timothy Brindle puts it, “Sluggardly laziness, it shouldn’t be named among us just like nuns on a dating list!”.  By His grace I will prevail from this semester still on my feet, but hopefully I will have a new heart towards pleasing God and what it means to offer my life up as a sweet aroma that is pleasing to God.


1 thought on “a pleasing aroma

  1. This was really good. I like how you pointed out that rather than just changing your phyiscal habits from going on FB to going into the Word, that you realize that there’s more than needs to change. You pointed out that you have to make those things more important to you in your heart. That’s something that I often skip. I just try to change what I’m DOING, not what I’m thinking about them or feeling about them.
    This was a very good reminder, thank Tim!!

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