what a relief!

It’s always such a relief when you turn in assignments that you’ve been working on all semester!  My accounting annual report project is finally done and turned in!  I was very glad to finally be taking that burden off of my back, but at the same time I was really nervous because I need to do really well on it to pass the class.  I have to get a C- to pass since it’s required for my major.  It’s not impossible, but I definitely need to hit the books and grind it out for the last month of the semester.  All I can do is work my hardest, not give in to distractions to slack off, and trust that God will deliver me from this trial and put me in the place He wants me to be in.  

This week will be pretty crazy because I have an accounting exam on Wednesday and I have a consumer behavior project to finish by Friday.  I know God will give me the strength and mental toughness to make it through and succeed.  I’m also extremely thankful that God has provided me an oasis in which I can rest in and can trust for encouragement.  My wonderful girlfriend is so great at listening to my many complaints about how much I don’t like school right now and always encourages me to keep going.  She is such a blessing that I can forget about the world when I’m with her.  I thank God for her everyday and how she is always there for me.


One thought on “what a relief!

  1. Keep sticking it out, only a little while longer until you are done for the summer!!!
    And, of course, Jess I’m sure will be a great encouragement for you!!!

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